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"Working with Natalie goes beyond any bodywork I have ever experienced! It is a multi-sensory approach to expanding your personal aura and power. I highly recommend Natalie for anyone just starting on a self discovery journey to those fully on their way. Well worth every second." - Alexis 

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'Thirty-Nine is Divine' 🦂👑 . . Thank you for the LOVE!!! 🌞😍🎂 . This amazing space suit is 39! Shes been so blessed and lucky to find... a friend on every corner, steady love on her mind. She has traveled and prayed and followed her heart, she has a strong intuition and manifestation her sport. She is supported and cared for and so grateful to BE.....a light, a friend, a guide, a lover, a teacher or -whatever the moment may need. . . A Mystic, a Goddess, your sister or reflection for theee, learning about what having power means and it's called RESPONSIBILITY. . . I'm wondering what I can let go of, where can I stretch myself, how can I show up differently, can I speak less and listen deeper, can I gaze into your eyes a little longer. Can I stand in my joyful, playful, courageous POWER and not focus on how vulnerable or insecure or how 'imperfect' I may be... . . Can I stop giving a fuck about what my inner critic might say or if you don't resonate with my frequency. These cages we all build to keep us 'safe and secure' ... let's stand together beloveds let go of the habit of fear ... . . It is our nature to feel connected and giving. It is our nature to help one another. Our true nature is to speak life. Our true nature is LOVE, and May I be a true representative of that! . . Another REvolution around the SUN as a Sun of GOD, a spark of the Divine, a light of Creator, a reflection of the Goddess, made in the image of JAH, already born 400,000 times before, so this time ... . let me live up to my name you so bestowed ... . . I am Natalie Jane Pierson.. Joyous Celebration! I am Lalitha Shekinah She Who Plays, ruler of 3 worlds .. and the Divine feminine presence of God. Aho! . . May all thoughts, impulses, speech, songs, & action be blessed, sourced and guided from the light love grace and strength of our Beloved Creator. . . Thank you for Life, again and again and again ❤️🌈🙏🏽

A post shared by Natalie Pierson (@natalie.pierson) on Oct 26, 2018 at 8:51am PDT